A strong example of visual imagery lives within 'Riders of the Rails' where this artist paints hoboes and small-town life – he adds railroads and colorful characters. This song reminds me of something Boxcar Willie or Freddy Fender would record. It has a maturity to it and we all know someone who may be a personality in a Chuck song. I think Chuck would be at home with an Arlo Guthrie or Hamilton Camp to sing along with.

Chuck has crafted 10 original songs and arranged a cover of the worlds saddest song, 'Seeds and Stems Again Blues' written by Commander Cody (George Frayne) and Billy C. Farley.  Those 11 songs comprise his latest album  "Stories I've Told" released in January 2018.

The songs can be heard by clicking the Audio page on the home page or the CD can be found on the iTunes page and video at YouTube page.