"Stories I've Told" has debuted across the country on the FOLKDJ Top Album Charts in January 2018 !!

If you like a great folk song I bet you'll love the new record from Chuck Williams called "Stories I've Told."  Songs on the record include collaborations with the late great Michael Troy 
and the highly respected songwriter and guitarist Brooks Williams.  It's an album with a strong folk ethic and messages that are conveyed in an artful way with refined craft.  Check the video for featured song Riders of the Rails here.

Williams has been involved in may projects since the release of "Lightning in a Bottle" in 2010.  His involvement in guiding the Rhode Island Songwriters Association, the release of the single "I Want My Country Back" in 2012, the establishment of the Michael Troy Memorial Music Foundation in 2016. All along the way the writers cap was on and Chuck has crafted 10 original songs and arranged a cover of the worlds saddest song, 'Seeds and Stems Again Blues' written by Commander Cody (George Frayne) and Billy C. Farley.

The songs can be heard by clicking the Audio tab on the home page or the CD can be found at many online sites for downloads, streaming or physical copy.  Check out  https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/chuckwilliams3




Upcoming Shows

Jan 26
South Florida Folk Festival
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Feb 8
Sandywoods Center for the Arts
Tiverton, RI
Mar 13
Providence, RI
Apr 3
The French Press
Cape Coral, FL
Apr 6
ACMA Listening Room
Ft. Myers, FL